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Come on down to Smoke Shop Plus to visit the best hookah shop around. There is nowhere better you can go if you are looking for a wide variety of hookahs, hookah accessories, and shisha. We have everything you need in-store, and our helpful staff will be able to give guidance about how to use and take care of your products.

Come by to see why we have become the local favorite hookah shop. Almost every one of our customers revisits us because we offer helpful and friendly services, and we back it up with the best stock in the region.

Call (305) 952-4837 today if you need to speak with a knowledgeable hookah expert.

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Speak with Local Hookah Experts

We are the best people to talk to about hookahs because we are enthusiasts ourselves. We would never sell a product that wasn't approved by our team, and we want to pass along our knowledge to you by only selling the best stuff on the market.

We can guide you on any question you have about your hookah or the hookah you are looking to buy. We'll tell you all the pros and cons of each item and work around your budget. We know that our customers are the heartbeat of our business, so if you aren't happy with our service – we aren't doing our job correctly. Call now if you have any questions.

All the Best Hookahs

We keep our shelves stocked with the best hookahs on the market. We don't sell a single product that is half-rate, so you can be sure none of our hookahs are low quality either. Of course, we offer cost-effective options, but our knowledgeable staff has approved everything on our shelves.

We keep ourselves apprised of the innovations in the market and always have the latest and greatest in stock. We sell everything you could ever need for the optimum shisha smoking experience, from more effective smoke cooling mechanisms to more durable hoses.

The Preferred Local Hookah Shop

Customer service is the main reason that we are so successful as hookah sellers. If we don't have what you need, we are always happy to put in a custom order for you. If you have a question that you can't answer independently, our staff is the solution to your problem.

All you'll need is one visit to our flagship location to see why many of our customers have told us personally that ours is their favorite smoke shop. Please speak with our team and have all of your hookah questions answered. Either you will walk out of the shop with what you were looking for or something better.

Vast Inventory of Hookahs, Shisha, and Hookah Accessories

You will not be disappointed by our inventory. We have hookahs and waterpipes of all shapes and sizes that span the entire range of the price scale. We have products that will suit the needs of casual smokers, hobbyist collectors, and smoking traditionalists.

Get in touch with Smoke Shop Plus if you are looking for quality hookahs or hookah accessories. We will help you out.

Call %COMPANY for All Your Hookah Needs

Smoke Shop Plus is no ordinary hookah shop. Here, we make sure our shelves are stocked to the brim with products that our clients know and love—and that’s not all. We also make sure to stock our shop with the latest products you’ll soon come to love. From coveted shisha pipes and high-quality charcoals to countless accessories, we carry it all for great rates. Treat yourself and visit our shop today. One step through our doors, and you’ll see what the community has been raving about. Call (305) 952-4837 to speak to our knowledgeable staff.

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Hang Out At the Hookah Shop

If you’re looking for top-grade hookah products, look no further than Smoke Shop Plus. Founded in the heart of Miami, we appreciate a good hookah party and carry a wide selection of pipes, accessories, and charcoals to accommodate your specialty smoking needs.

Our cutting-edge inventory, our exceptional customer service, and our unbeatable price points make us the first choice for all your hookah needs in the local area.

Come by our local hookah and tobacco shop to discover all that we have to offer or get in touch with us at (305) 952-4837 if you have any questions.

High-Quality Hookah Pipes

When it comes to buying a hookah, there are many elements to consider before you make your purchase. Are you looking for something modern or traditional? What height do you prefer? How many hookah hoses do you want?

Our staff can help you go through and answer all these questions so that you can feel confident in your decision. Either way, we’re pleased to say that all our in-store hookah options are of the highest quality. Selecting the right one simply depends on your wants and needs.

A Fully Stocked Hookah Store

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned hookah connoisseur or you’re looking to try something entirely new, Smoke Shop Plus is your one-stop-shop for hookah apparel. We proudly offer the highest standard of products, and we’ll gladly recommend our favorites if you don’t know where to start.

Our extensive inventory of specialty supplies includes:

  • Hookah pipes
  • Shisha pipes
  • Flavored charcoal and tobacco products
  • Hookah accessories
  • And much more!

From hookah hoses to charcoals, we carry all the essentials, and we have a full range of options. Whether you want to try new flavors, or you need replacement parts, we have you covered—and all for a great value.

A Vast Selection of Top-Rated Hookah Accessories

Customize your hookah or repair an aging or broken set with our number one rated selection of hookah accessories. Our premier quality selection and value-driven pricing are sure to fit any budget. We carry:

  • Stems
  • Bases
  • Hoses
  • Trays
  • Diffusers
  • Adapters
  • Coal burners
  • Foil pokers
  • Mouth tips
  • And more

If you are looking for a new or replacement part for any type of hookah, you’ve come to the right place. Pick up the phone and give us a call now for the best deals and smoking experience in the city.

Friendly Local Shisha Shop

As a family-run business, our hookah shop’s top priority is customer satisfaction. We want to be able to provide you with outstanding service as well as a top-quality product, all for an affordable price. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to be of assistance. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll be sure to match you with the perfect hookah accessories that’ll last you for years to come.

We believe in catering to our clientele. We want you to come into our shop and feel like a fellow community member instead of just another customer. Interested in our hookah pipes? Feel free to browse our store leisurely any day.

A Wide Selection of Shisha Tobacco

Shisha is not like other forms of tobacco. Shisha tobacco—also known as narghile or water pipe tobacco—has origins in the Near East. Today, it is enjoyed by people all over the world, and it is easy to see why. This type of tobacco is typically blended with various fruits and molasses sugar, giving the tobacco a flavor of its own.

There are many shisha flavors at your disposal. From apple and strawberry to a subtly minty shisha, the possibilities are endlessly enjoyable. You can find all these flavors and combinations at our store—and all for great rates, too.

Buying a beautiful new hookah or smoking pipe is not much use without something to put in it, but we have you covered. We carry an impressive stock of high-quality shisha products that smoke easy and taste amazing. As passionate hookah enthusiasts ourselves, we never offer products that don't live up to our high standards of quality. We have something for all tastes, so whether you prefer something fruity, minty, or fresh-tasting, you can always find something that you will love at our smoke shop.

Nothing but the Best Shisha Flavors

Quality and flavor give us a great sense of satisfaction, and we feel the brands we offer will satisfy you too. Whether you prefer a fruit flavor sensation like watermelon or blueberry, or you’d like something a little more minty like gum mint or lemon mint. With such a wide selection, it would be impossible to list all of our high-quality options here. Speak to us today for the best deals on the finest quality shisha flavors.

Selecting the Right Hookah Charcoals

How many coals should you use for your hookah, and how do you select the right hookah charcoals for you? Typically, when you are using natural coals, you are going to want to use three to four to produce a satisfying smoking session. The size and shape of the coals also matter. If you select a quick lighting coal type, you will be able to produce smoke faster, but there may be some interference in taste and quality. Ultimately, we’d like to make your smoking sessions as relaxing as possible. Talk to us about your preferences, so we can help you select a charcoal that is the best for your needs.

Buy Affordable Shisha

Buying shisha shouldn’t be a hassle. You want to socialize and enjoy your smoking experience, and we want to be the long-term partners who make that happen. One of the ways we make sure to pass the savings on to you is by keeping excellent relationships with our suppliers. This ensures our selection will always be fresh and well-stocked—and you won’t find better pricing anywhere else.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Hookah?

Buying a hookah should be a rewarding experience you always look forward to. Are you getting that level of service with your current supplier? We’d like this opportunity to invite you to consult with us so your first hookah purchase is a positive one. Our various hookahs and hookah sets range from simple to more extravagant, so the price depends on the size and capabilities of the set you choose. Reach out to us today for detailed information on our many cost-saving options.

Beautiful Hookah Sets

Some of the most beautiful hookah sets in the city are available right here with us. Get everything you need to enjoy your new purchase right away—without breaking the bank. Why try and fit pieces together when you can have a gorgeous, complete water pipe that is set up just the way you like it.

Keeping Your New Hookah Clean

Nobody wants to smoke out of a dirty, clogged hookah, which is why we are happy to offer an assortment of cleaning supplies in our hookah store. Specially designed to keep your smoking devices clean without damaging them or using potentially harmful chemicals, our cleaning supplies help you ensure that your hookah is always functioning properly. Make sure that your hookah is always ready to provide you with a smooth and pleasant smoking experience and extend its lifespan with the dependable cleaning supplies from Smoke Shop Plus.

Enhance Your Smoking Experience with Our Hookah Accessories

Whether you are looking to get into shisha smoking or are already an experienced smoker, our hookah smoke shop has everything you need to make your smoking experience as pleasant as possible. Our product experts will always be happy to tell you more about our accessories, explain how they work, and provide recommendations based on your level of experience.

Some of the hookah accessories that we carry include:

  • Replacement hoses
  • Hookah tongs
  • Foils and punchers
  • Mouth tips
  • Charcoal holders
  • Filters
  • Heat management devices
  • And more

Highly Rated Hookah Smoke Shop

Ever since we opened our doors, customer service has been a top priority for Smoke Shop Plus. We make sure that everyone who walks into our store is greeted with a smile and treated with respect. The care and attention that we put into our service are reflected in the amazing testimonials we have received over our time in business. You see, there's a reason we have so many loyal customers—so stop by today and see the difference that great customer service can make.

Your Local Hookah Experts

Not everyone knows which tobacco flavors suit their tastes. A majority of our clients have never even used a hookah before coming into our shop. Do you have questions about charcoals, flavored tobacco, or the sweeteners added to your tobacco? If so, we can most definitely help.

Our staff is not just here to help you pay for your items, our staff is here to assist you in matters big and small. We will take time to explain hookahs, their smoke chambers, and the preferred method of cleaning—and that’s just the beginning. Whenever you have a question, all you have to do is ask a member of our staff.

If you are looking to get into shisha smoking or have any questions about how to properly use and care for your hookah, our staff is always happy to help. We make sure that we are well-versed on all of the products that we offer, so we will always be able to provide you with the information you need to make the right purchase. We can even answer questions over the phone, so don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

Great Prices on Quality Hookahs

Are you shopping on a budget or looking to really accessorize and enliven your hookah experience? No matter the case, we can most definitely help you. We carry products at every price point. Our wide-ranging inventory ensures that we will have pipes and other accessories you need to get the most out of your flavored tobacco.

When you come into our shop for your smoking supplies, you can always expect a fair price on premium products. We have always strived to provide our customers with the best smoking products on the market at prices they won't find anywhere else. So, no matter your budget or experience with hookah smoking, you are always guaranteed to find something for you at Smoke Shop Plus.

Great Return on Investment

Hookahs vary in price. You can pay from as little as $15.00 to as much as $5000.00. It all comes down to your preferences. As many aficionados have come to learn, a high price does not always guarantee longevity.

Rest assured, we only stock our smoke shop with the finest hookahs available today, ranging from entry-level to mid-tier and beyond. We will make sure you get the greatest return on your investment, no matter how much money you choose to invest.

Come by the Best Hookah Shop Around

Smoke Shop Plus is your top source for all your hookah and shisha needs. Indulge in our well-crafted, top-of-the-line smoking pipes and mix and match accessories to your liking. Then, choose from our wide variety of tobacco and tobacco-free products for you to smoke and enjoy. Whether your preference is minty or fruity, we carry all the flavors imaginable.

If you’re interested in our hookah and shisha products, visit our shop now to browse our inventory. Any questions? Give us a call at (305) 952-4837 or send us a message via the Contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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